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Shatel - صفحه اصلی

Description: Founders of the Company Have begun their activity in the field of WAN, LAN computer networks designing and also disassembling satellite and wireless systems as spread in three main cities of Iran ( Tehran , Karaj and Tabriz ) since 1999.i Vision : Rendering services and information in electronic fields through Wireless, Cable, Vsat, DSL,adsl ,adsl2+ and Dial up as separated in all of Iran with regard to needs and demands of market and customers. Purposes of the company : * Rendering Internet Services through Dial up at least in three cities of Iran ) Tehran , Karaj , Tabrizas ) * Rendering international telephone services through Internet (Phone to Phone) in ten great cities of Iran . * Rendering 28000 ports ADSL2+ and adsl Services at least in thirty cities of Iran .
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